About us


The company DOS Brno was founded on 22 December 2000 by its existing CEO Dušan Sup as a "Dopravně obchodní společnost DOS Brno, s.r.o.", following on from the "Autodoprava Dušan Sup", which was operating since 1996.

Since the beginning, the company's philosophy was to comply with the customer's wishes and offer a high quality services. We keep working with many companies (SIKA, ASK, Šmeral,...), which proves the fact that we are a reliable carrier.

Our company was devoted to both international and domestic transport since the beginning and it all started with a single Avia vehicle, to which in the year 2001 a DAF 45 was added. Today the DAF brand creates the majority of our vehicle fleet.

In the year 2003 we met all the requirements the ADR agreement sets and we started with a transportation of dangerous materials. Today, all of our vehicles have a special equipment for the ADR transport and all our drivers are trained regularly.

In the year 2005 we bought our first trailer truck DAF CF 75 and we began a cooperation with the company Coleman.

During the crisis, in the year 2009, it turned out how important it is to provide high quality and reliable transport. Our long-term partners knew that DOS Brno can offer just that and thanks to this the number of transports did not decline much.

In the year 2010 we introduced a new monitoring and communicating system (GPS), which allows us to very flexibly communicate with the drivers and to deal with any unexpected situations and problems quickly and effectively, for example during loading and unloading.


In our vehicle fleet we have vehicles with many different designs and loading capacities and thanks to this we can offer a complex transportation services.

We do not focus on the particular size and type of shipment only, but we are able to transport a shipment of any size, from 1 to 36 pallets, and from 0 to 24t of cargo.

The core of our services is created by the international and domestic transport. We provide the transport using our own vehicles, which all have a specialized equipment for ADR and half of which have hydraulic headboards.

Nevertheless, the road transport is not the only service we offer. We are able to store the cargo over a short period of time in our warehouse for our customers and we also help our customers full load their vehicles.

Our company is constantly growing and so thus the vehicle fleet as well as the amount of our employees. We all hold on to the motto "Trucking? No problem!".

Our employees come right after our customers as the most important. Mutual satisfaction and trust creates the base for a successful cooperation which is proven by a very low fluctuation of employees.

We are trying to constantly develop and improve in all areas we take part in, which is also proven by an ISO 9001 certification process, in which we currently are.

Latest technology

We are using the latest technology which allows to have a constant knowledge of the whereabouts and the condition of our vehicles, we are able to communicate with our drivers and, alternatively, we can flexibly deal with any unexpected situations and obstacles.


For the international transport, we use modern vehicles from the DAF brand, which meet the most strict ecological standards EURO 5, EEV and EURO 6.